Ελληνική έκδοση

The HEDNO is the main DSO in Greece responsible for the distribution network in the whole country. The total length of Network 228.900 km, of which the Medium Voltage Network (M.V) is 107.500 km and L.V 121.400 km. HEDNO is responsible to 154.950 MV/LV Substations and 224 HV/MV Substations. The installation of distributed generation (mainly PVs) makes the management of the distribution network difficult. HEDNO is also the operator of the Non-Inteconnected Systems in Greece, namely the islands that is not interconnected with the main grid. The second Greek demo site is an island called Kythnos. Kythnos is an island and municipality in the Western Cyclades, with a population of 1632 people. Kythnos has a thermal installed capacity of 4.966 MW, with a peak power consumption of 2.7 MW, it has three MV distribution lines at 15 kV voltage level, and it doesn‘t have any transmission network. And the island was the site for the first European PV plant installation.

1982 → Installation of the 1st wind park in Europe (5 x 20kW)

1983 → Installation of 100kW PV system coupled with battery storage (400kWh)

1989 → Replacement of the wind turbines (5 x 33kW)

1992 → Inverters in the PV system

1998 → Installation of the new Vestas 500kW wind turbine

2000 → Operation of the SMA fully automatic control system

2001 → Operation of the Gaidouromantra microgrid

Kythnos pilot site – Infrastructure

The electricity mix of Kythnos Island is dominated by diesel and fuel oil

local power station, constructed by Public Power Corporation S.A. in 1964

4 MWM generating sets of 0.53 MW rated power each,

2 ΜITSUBISHI generating sets of 1.275 MW rated power each

and 1 ΜITSUBISHI generating set of 1.250 MW

15kV Medium Voltage distribution grid – 3 lines – 87 km in total

Kythnos pilot site – Services and applications

Currently the management of the electrical system is carried out by the thermal power plant

A central Energy Control Centres (ECC) in Athens and a local ECC on the island are to be established by HEDNO

Central ECC – Executes the Rolling Day Ahead Scheduling (RDAS) and billing

Local ECC – Conducts the Dispatch Scheduling (DS) and Real Time Dispatch (RTD)

Market opening derogation until infrastructure is in place

NOTE: please note that as the project is developing in a dynamic way, changes are always possible.

Use cases


07 Jun

Recruitment workshop Kythnos, Kythnos

The recruitment workshop was held 2017/06/07 in Kythnos island with local citizens, WiseGRID project leaders and local municipality officials.

The meeting included a small introduction to WiseGRID project, previous projects overview in the island, an introduction speech of the Mayor of the Island, a discussion session with local citizens and participants.

The goal for this recruitment workshop was to raise awareness and recruit as much as possible people in order to bring more awareness to local pilot site in Kythnos. The event held initiated important discussions and main questions and emerged local participants to be involved in the project.

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