WiseGRID project unites a big consortium of project partners that publish valuable research papers in different topics related to the project. Many of the partners list their own publications. This library serves as a useful tool for scientific research and encourages scientific collaboration between partners.

Prosumers: New Actors in EU Energy Security Legal , Technical , Information

By Rafael Leal-Arcas, Feja Lesniewska and Filippos Proedrou

This chapter critically analyses the new challenges and opportunities that prosumers, as new energy actors, bring to achieving energy security goals in the context of the European Union (EU). Following trends in the EU towards new levels of cooperation in energy governance, decentralisation, and the emergence of a ‘gig’ economy, the energy sector is currently undergoing a large-scale transition. One of its core aspects is the progressive top-down diffusion of potential, competences, and leverage across the energy value chain from states and corporate actors towards prosumers. While this trend creates ample potential for facilitating and improving the EU’s security of supply, as well as fulfilling its climate change targets, several caveats exist. These caveats are not confined within energy security prerogatives; they also extend to the critical management of digital security, which the digitalisation of energy services brings to the fore. Private and public finance should be effectively attracted and directed to infrastructure schemes that will enable a transition from the traditional centralised power network to the decentralised nexus of smart grids. Technology will play a crucial role in facilitating the role of prosumers in the new market in the making.


Feedback Citizen Engagement workshop Ghent Public , Information , Project

The 'Buurzame Stroom'-project was presented on Sunday 11th of March 2018. The project, started by a few local residents, wants to transform Dampoort and Sint-Amandsberg into an energy neighbourhood of the future. A neighborhood with cheap solar power and well insulated houses, for everyone. A neighbourhood with a smart electricity network, batteries, smart meters and electric cars.

WiseGRID was presented as partner in this project.

In this resource you can find an infographic with the feedback we gathered from participants of the workshop.


Feedback Citizen Engagement workshop Crevillent Public , Information , Tools , Project

On Thursday 15th of March, a workshop in the pilot site of Crevillent was organised for citizens to gain more information and insights in the WiseGRID-tools that will be developed in their living area. This interactive workshop gave a floor to discussions, questions and any feedback.

In this resource you can find an infographic with the feedback we gathered from participants of the workshop.


Feedback Citizen Engagement workshop Kythnos Public , Kythnos , Information , Tools

An open workshop was held on Kythnos island, on Friday 27th of April. For once again, it turned out that the citizens' active participation in local decision-making processes is more significant and necessary than ever.

With the presence of the Mayor, Mr. Stamatis Garderis and the Deputy Mayor and DAFNI Network's President, Mr. George Iliou, a number of residents and visitors of Kythnos attended and actively participated in all processes.

The event was organized by the Aegean Energy & Environment Agency with the support of DAFNI Network and the Municipality of Kythnos. 

In this resource you can find an infographic with the feedback that was gathered from participants of the workshop.


Feedback Citizen Engagement workshop Terni Public , Information , Tools

On Wednesday 2nd of May, NOBEL GRID and WiseGRID were presented during a workshop in Terni. The European projects NOBEL GRID and WiseGRID (funded by Horizon 2020) aim to provide a set of solutions and technologies to increase the smartness, stability and security of an open, consumer-centric European energy grid. These solutions will be demonstrated and evaluated under real life conditions in 9 demonstration sites. Terni is one of these pilot sites.

In this resource you can find an infographic with the feedback that was gathered from participants of the workshop.


Newsletter May 2018 Information , Project

In this newsletter, WiseGRID gives an overview of highlights of the past couple of months.


Empowering citizens for common concerns: Sustainable energy, trade and climate change Legal , Public , Information

Article by Rafael Leal-Arcas, Queen Mary University of London

One very promising development in the twenty-first century is the empowerment of citizens on issues of common concern such as climate change, sustainable energy, and international trade. Citizens’ empowerment means that civil society can play an important role in the new challenges of trade diplomacy, such as the integration of non-economic aspects of trade in trade policy and the inclusion of trade policies in the democratic debate. 

This paper will show several specific means by which citizens can ostensibly help enhance sustainable energy initiatives, mitigate climate change, and make citizens richer through free and open environmental trade


WiseGRID Webinar Public , Information , Project

Last November, Vaiva Indilaite, from shared her expertise about the WiseGRID project and engaged in an open dialogue during a webinar organised by The Renewables Grid Initiative.

The webinar has been recorded and can be consulted.


Good Practice of the Year Award - WiseGRID Information

The "Good Practice of the Year" is a prize awarded annually by the Renewables Grid Initiative upon recommendation of our jury of experts. In 2016 WiseGRID was chosen as one of the best practices.


Towards the Energy Transition on Europe’s Islands Kythnos , Project , Information

A EURELECTRIC report about European islands’ energy systems and the challenges they have. The WiseGRID project in Kythnos is being set forward as a best practice showing islands can be part of the solution of the Energy Transition. Page 21-22.


Power grid recovery after natural hazard impact Legal , Technical , Information , Business Model

Article by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service.

Natural hazards can affect electricity infrastructure, leading to power outages and affecting the resilience of society during disaster. This study analyzed the effects of earthquakes, floods and space weather on the power grid to identify vulnerabilities and to understand how these natural hazards influence the recovery time of electric utilities. 

The study concludes with a number of recommendations related to policy. One of this recommendations is the implementation of micro-grids to improve grid resiliency (p.42).


Smart grids in the European Union: Assessing energy security, regulation & social and ethical considerations Legal , Information , Business Model

Article  by R. Leal-Arcas, F. Leniewska, and F. Proedrou about Smart Grids and energy market regulation, business models and social aspects.

Published in: Columbia Journal of European Law, Vol. 24.2, 2018, forthcoming
Also published as Queen Mary University of London School of Law Legal Studied Research Paper No. 263/2017, pp. 1-87


WiseGRID newsletter: October 2017 Information , Project , Website

In this newsletter, WiseGRID gives an overview of highlights of the past couple of months.


Newsletter: WiseGRID project updates Information , Project

WiseGRID project's recent highlights


Sustainability, Common Concern and Public Goods Legal

Please find the article about the Sustainability, Common Concern and Public Goods The George Washington International Law Review, Vol. 49, No. 4, 2017, Forthcoming Queen Mary School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 253/2017 written by Rafael Leal-Arcas from Queen Mary University, School of Law.


ROMANIAN ENERGY DAY 2018 – Securing the Smart Grids through Innovation and Digitalisation Public , Information , Project

Highlights of the Panel Discussion on "Securing the Smart Grids through Innovation and Digitalisation"at the Romanian Energy Day 2018 Event in Brussels.

More information, the presentation and pictures are available on the website of the Romanian Energy Center(