Here is the overview of upcoming and past events of the WiseGRID project.

Past events

20 Jun


20 June - 14:00 - 15:30, Charlemagne (Brussels)

This session will bring together Distribution systems Operators (DSOs), energy communities stakeholders, regulators, clusters, technological players, project managers to discuss the roles and benefits of distribution grid, energy communities in a decarbonized and decentralized energy system ; what future interactions and partnerships are to be found between conventional and new actors ; how regulatory and pricing frameworks could be developed to leverage business models and local innovation for flexibility services, e-mobility and aggregation.

This session aims at showcasing opportunities and challenges for distribution systems operators to achieve the energy transition and what innovative services are being delivered by energy communities and local business developers in terms of flexibility services, e-mobility and aggregation. WiseGRID will be addressed as a way forward to achieve the energy transition at the local level, including all stakeholders.

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19 Jun

Energy Fair - WiseGRID

19 June - 09:00 - 12:30, Charlemagne (Brussels)

The WiseGRID project is two awards winner from EUSEW 2018 Awards for the Citizens’ and Business Category Award. In addition, the WiseGRID project is also a winner in the Technology & Design category in the Renewable Grid Initiative for Good Practice for the Year Award 2018.

The WiseGRID project provides a set of solutions, technologies and business models which increase the smartness, stability, and security of an open, consumer-centric European energy grid and provide cleaner and more affordable energy for European citizens, through enhanced use of storage technologies and electromobility and a highly increased share of RES.

The scope of the project is to provide applications for different actors, such as prosumers, DSOs, aggregators and EV fleet operators, in order to share the benefits of the European Smart Grid in a fair, sustainable and efficient way and achieve an all-win situation. WiseGRID technological solutions will be demonstrated and evaluated under real-life conditions in 4 large scale demonstrators –in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Greece - involving more than 1,700 consumers utilizing energy systems consisting of batteries, heat pumps, PV, wind and hydro, EVs and charging stations. The project will showcase the most advanced yet proven technologies and how they can work to improve the energy transition towards decentralization.

The stand will showcase the newest technologies also the interactive video of the project will be shown too, next to the stand our colleagues initiate the discussion with the clear communication, knowledge sharing and dissemination with an online portal and interactive knowledge base gathering the lessons learned, FAQ, tools, solutions and end-user feedback's.

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11 Jun


On 11th June, the Romanian Energy Center, WiseGRID partner, organises the 8th Romanian Energy Day under the title “The European energy sector development post 2020 challenges and opportunities” .

Issues that will be addressed are the clean energy transition towards 2030, sector integration & sector coupling of electricity, natural gas and heat networks and reconversion of Romanian energy industry – a 360 degrees view. The WiseGRID project will be highlighted as a good practice.

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You can have a look at the agenda here -->

14 Dec

Empowered Citizens and Cities Driving the Energy Transition

Vienna Room, EU Pavilion, Katowice, Poland

10:30 – 12:00, 14 December 2018

An official COP24 side event co-organised by The Bellona Foundation and 

European transport today is almost exclusively fuelled by imported oil, accounts for a quarter of the European Union’s total emissions and is the only sector whose emissions are still on the rise. The shift away from fossil fuel driven private modes of mobility towards shared mobility based on human power and renewable energy sources therefore holds significant promise for the future. The ‘smart charging’ of electric vehicles will be key to enabling them to work in harmony with the grid while accelerating the uptake of self-consumption in residential buildings and lowering costs for consumers. 

In a decentralised and smart energy system, together with renewable energy sources, new technologies such as e-mobility and its charging infrastructure are gaining importance. An ambitious and forward-looking EU policy framework will be key to ensuring a coherent approach and level playing field for all actors from national and local policy makers, to industry, and citizens.


10:30 Frederic Hauge, President, Bellona Foundation

10:40  Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, Member of European Parliament, Socialists and Democrats Group

10:50 Marcin Korolec, Head of Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation in Poland

11:00 Vaiva Indilaite, Project Manager, WiseGrid

11:10 Panel discussion and Q&A (50 mins)

  • Sara Tachelet, Communications Officer, and The Mobility Factory
  • Alicja Pawlowska, Head of Mobility Management Unit, City of Gdynia
  • Wojciech Dziwisz, Business Development Manager, eMobility, ABB

Moderated by Teodora Serafimova, Policy Manager Electro-Mobility, Bellona Europa



13 Dec

XI Journey on renewable energy at the University Polytechnic of Valencia

On December 13th, the 11th Conference on Renewable Energy will take place, a platform for the exchange of information and experiences with specialists from companies and associations for professionals in the sector.

The project coordinator ETRA will share the project's experiences, strengths and difficulties with the audience.

More information & program →

10 Dec

Partago café

Every second Monday of the month, WiseGRID partner Partago organises a meeting in a neighbourhood in Ghent to bring citizens together to talk about sustainable mobility, clean air, renewable energy and much more.

Neighbors get the opportunity to ask questions about electric car sharing and to do a test ride with a Partago car

December 10, doors: 7.30 pm

Pastory, Louis Schuermanstraat 1, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg

Access is free and everybody is welcome. However, registration of your planned attendance is appreciated.
For more information & registration visit the website of Partago.

10 Dec

Partago Café

Iedere tweede maandag van de maand organiseert WiseGRID partner Partago een ontmoetingsmoment voor buren in Gent om te praten over over gedeelde auto's, elektrisch rijden, hernieuwbare energie, gezonde lucht en nog veel meer. Wees welkom!

December 10, doors: 7.30 pm

Pastory, Louis Schuermanstraat 1, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg

Toegang is vrij, maar een seintje vooraf wordt geapprecieerd. Spontane laat-beslissers zijn uiteraard ook steeds welkom!
Meer informatie en registratie kan u terug vinden op de Partago website.

28 Nov

IEEE International Forum on Smart Grids for Smart Cities (SG4SC)

WiseGRID will be presented at the 2nd international Forum ‘Smart Grids for Smart Cities’ organised by EEE Smart Grid and hosted at EnergyVille (Genk, Belgium) 26-28 November 2018.

Worldwide, the convergence of data and energy infrastructures is used to enable a better life for the citizens in smart cities. Smart grids show to be a real enabler of such cities, by integrating a high penetration of renewable energy, facilitating electric transport, allowing smart buildings and increasing the involvement of the end-user in the energy scene; altogether creating a sustainable lifestyle for the eco-aware 21st century citizen. However, all these prospected transformations bring numerous challenges and opportunities, both at industrial and academic level.

Project Coordinator ETRA ID will be presenting the WiseGRID project during the session: "New roles in the grid, customer engagements"?

12 Nov

Partago Café - November

Every second Monday of the month, WiseGRID partner Partago organises a meeting in a neighbourhood in Ghent to bring citizens together to talk about sustainable mobility, clean air, renewable energy and much more.

Neighbors get the opportunity to ask questions about electric car sharing and to do a test ride with a Partago car

November 12, doors: 7.30 pm

Pastory, Louis Schuermanstraat 1, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg

Access is free and everybody is welcome. However, registration of your planned attendance is appreciated.
For more information & registration visit the website of Partago.

27 Sep

WiseGRID: Where do we stand and what have we learned so far?

We are already in the middle of WiseGRID project and this year was full of positives achievements starting from 3 Awards, engaging in citizen engagement workshops to developing WiseGRID tools for pilot site participants. 

For this reason, we would like to invite you to participate in a short webinar to get more insights of the status and further goals of the project. 

The webinar will take place September 27th 10:30-12:00 Brussels time.

Please find the agenda here.

Please contact us if you would like to join the webinar. We will give you the practical details.

25 Sep

Citizen engagement workshop: Smarter systems. Empowered citizens.

Two European H2020 projects in the energy field have the pleasure of inviting you to the RES Integration & Customer engagement workshop.

The workshop organized by HEDNO in close cooperation with ICCS and ETRA will be performed on September 25th at the HEDNO premises in Mesogia area.

The aim of the workshop is to give insights in both of the projects and to involve citizens in order to make them engaged to be part of the WiseGRID community.

You can find the agenda here.

17 Sep

Global Power & Energy Exhibition (GPEX)


The European roadmap towards decarbonisation by 2050 is a challenge that requires the transformation process of the energy grid. This means commitment and efforts of all the related institutions, companies and citizens, towards the creation of an open market, which allows all the involved actors to play an active role for achieving a democratic global energy transition.

The WiseGRID project is being developed following these key premises. Its main goals are to integrate, demonstrate and validate advanced ICT services and systems in the energy distribution network in order to provide safety, stability and flexibility to the Smart Grids, to reach an open European energy grid focused on citizens.

28 Jun


SUCCESS Project Open Day
BRIDGE and Synergies with other EU Projects
28th and 29th of June 2018

Securing the Smart Grid towards up to 100% Renewables” is an Energy Day Conference and Workshop event as well, as part of the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Week - EUSEW 2018 Energy Day, organized as a Joint Event of the Romanian Energy Center Association – CRE and the EU H2020 Projects RESERVE, SOGNO, NRG-5, WISEGRID, CROSSBOW, INTERFLEX, GRIDSOL, DEFENDER and NOBEL GRID

“Regina Maria” Conference Room, Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel, 1-3 Episcopiei Street, Bucharest, Romania

Download the programme >

Visit the website of the Romanian Energy Center - CRE >

02 May

Citizen workshop: Smarter systems. Empowered citizens

Workshop to explain and demonstrate the WiseGRID tools that will be deployed in Terni.

More information can be found here (English).
Ulteriori informazioni possono essere trovate qui (italiano).

27 Apr

Citizen workshop: Smarter systems. Empowered citizens

Workshop to explain and demonstrate the WiseGRID tools that will be deployed in Kythnos.

More information can be found here (English).
Περισσότερες πληροφορίες μπορείτε να βρείτε εδώ (Ελληνικά).

10 Apr

Consortium Meeting WiseGRID

On 11th & 12th of April, WiseGRID partners gathered together in Terni, one of the project's pilot sites, to discuss together the status of the project.

In this meeting parallel sessions of technical and non-technical issues and two different WiseGRID tools were organised in order for all partners to be updated about each others progress.

ASM Terni, the partner that hosted the consortium, gave a highly interesting tour in their premises. The partners were privileged to visit the ASM Terni buildings, including the operation control center, solar panel arrays, 2nd life Li-ion battery energy storage and four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

The meeting was highly productive, enabling some important discussions that can push the project to the next level.

15 Mar

Citizen workshop: Smarter systems. Empowered citizens

Workshop to explain and demonstrate the WiseGRID tools that will be deployed in Crevillent.

More information can be found here (English).
Más información se puede encontrar aquí (español).

11 Mar

Buurzame Stroom: Kick-off


  • A virtual tour in the neighbourhood of Buurzame Stroom: what will happen and what are your advantages?
  • Inspiring stories and movies about the energy supply of the future
  • Artistic intermezzos and snacks

Where? Neighbourhood centre (Doornakkerstraat 54, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg)

More information can be found here (English).
Meer informatie kan u hier terugvinden (Nederlands).

05 Mar

Middle East Electricity 2018 Exhibition

The Romanian Energy Center (CRE) has represented Romania and the WiseGRID project in the exhibition of the 42nd edition of "MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY" organized on 5-8 March 2018 at the World Trade Center in Dubai.

Please find CRE's communication on the GSES 2018 Exhibition here.

20 Feb

Grids meet Renewables - Conference and Best Practice Fair

Organised by The Renewables Grid Initiative and WindEurope 

Venue: The Egg, Brussels, Belgium

The energy sector is currently undergoing a grand transition, one that will most likely have a significant impact on citizens, consumers, industry and the environment. The transformation needs a joint concept of the future energy landscape, shared by a variety of actors – including the renewables and grid industries – to meet societal expectations and technological requirements. Our event “Grids meet Renewables” will provide space for an open dialogue between these actors, deep diving on the key challenges and potential solution and current best practices implemented by industry and civil society.

WiseGRID will be present at the Best Practice Fair exchanging information with together with other best practices in different areas relevant to a renewables-based energy landscape. Participants will have the opportunity to hear new ideas, take inspiration from industry leaders and learn from the experience of existing initiatives.

Please have a look at the full agenda here.
More information can be found here.
You can register here.

23 Jan

Smart grids in the European Union: Assessing Energy Security, Regulation & Social and Ethical Considerations

Presentation given by prof. Rafael Leal-Arcas, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom.

This presentation will be part of the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research & Innovation Symposium (RERIS) 2018. The symposium is aiming to facilitate Africa-EU research collaboration, private and public sector participation in research, business innovation and university spin-offs and will address the following thematic areas:

  • Grid connected renewable energy
  • Decentralised renewable and household energy solutions
  • Energy socioeconomics (e.g. policy, economics, capacity building, legal, regulatory and social issues)
  • Promotion of energy research, innovation, education and entrepreneurship

Full program can be found here.

29 Nov

WiseGrid 2nd Best Practice Webinar

WiseGRID was one of the favourite practices in the Good Practice of the Year Award in 2017 of the Renewables Grid Initiative in 2017. On the 29th of November, WiseGRID will participate in a webinar giving more information about the project. This H2020 funded project plans to develop solutions for a democratic and decentralized European energy system.

More information can be found here.

You can listen to the recorded webinar here.

28 Nov


On the 28th of November, Athens hosted SP1 WiseGRID meeting, where partners were gathered to work on WP3 - Architecture, data privacy and standards. HEDNO (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator) in cooperation with ICCS (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems) organised the meeting which took place at the National Technical University of Athens. 

The workshop while covering technical aspects needed to proceed with WiseGRID solution, also outlined the complex ecosystem created by the actors introduced by smart grids and the applications required for their participation in this emerging market.

A summary of this event can be found here.

20 Nov

Business Models of WiseGRID presented to BRIDGE

Costas Kalogiros (AUEB) presented WiseGRID project to the Business Models working group of the BRIDGE initiative, focusing on its objectives, outputs and the business models. Furthermore, the challenges that prosumers face were discussed and recommendations to all relevant stakeholders were proposed, based on the recent WiseGrid workshop in Amsterdam.

More information about the BRIDGE Business Models working group can be found here.

16 Nov

Implementing solutions for a low carbon (Energy) future

To achieve the goals set in the Paris agreement countries need to ramp up their climate efforts significantly. One of the most significant tools is the decarbonization of the energy system. We already have proven and tested low-carbon solutions that have successfully cut emissions in the energy sector, and they bear significant scale-up potential in other countries too. Decarbonization of the energy system can be done, and countries can learn from each other’s achievements.

Community Energy initiatives in particular, through increasing public acceptance, can play an important and accelerating role in decarbonizing our energy system. In a decentralized and smart energy system, together with renewable energy sources, new technologies such as e-mobility and charging infrastructure are gaining importance. As the nature of this distributed ecosystem poses serious challenges to the network, a coherent approach and level playing field for all energy actors is required.

This event showcases two initiatives promoting the development and scaling up of low-carbon energy solutions: Nordic Green to Scale studies the potential of scaling up existing low-carbon solutions to countries in East Europe and East Africa, while the WiseGRID project aims to provide a harmonization between smarter systems and empowered citizens.

All information can be found here.

More information about the Nordic Green to Scale project can be found here.

16/11/2017 - 9:30-11:00 
EU Pavilion, Area A1 of the Bonn zone, Bonn, Germany (Room Brussels)

Full EU Programme of Side Events can be found here.  

11 Nov

EU side events at COP 23

The Pavilion of the European Union will host a series of side events during the COP23 in Bonn, in order to stimulate the debate on key thematic areas, engage observers and facilitate the dialogue with party delegates and other participants.

More information:

05 Oct

EUW 2017

WiseGRID will be present in European Utility Week October 3-5, Amsterdam. The presentation of WiseGRID project and its tools during the third day of the conference October 5th.

We organize a parallel event. For more information, check this page.

05 Oct

Empowering citizens for common concerns

Event: 12th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
Organised by: SDEWES 
Date: 4th-8th October 2017

1. Environmental management and policy: Empowering citizens for common concerns
  • Speaker: Rafael Leal-Arcas
2. Panel "Society and Economy"
  • Keynote speaker: Mr. Wagner
  • Chair: Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas
  • Co-chair(s): Mr. Sebestyén Tihamér

Full Programme can be found here.

06 Sep

Citizens’ empowerment for common concerns

Event: 5th International Conference on Sustainable Development 2017
Organised by: Pontifical Gregorian University
Date: 6-7 September 2017

1. Panel: socio-cultural sustainability
Moderator Prof. Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas

2. Citizens’ empowerment for common concerns
Prof. Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas

Full program can be found here.

19 Jul

EU climate and energy policy: Decarbonization and energy security

Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment,’ organised by Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility.

The 14th annual Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’ will show that further renewable energy expansion is still achievable, addressing the need to move beyond electricity and connect it with the heat and transport sector in a sustainable, smart energy system. The Academy features workshops, visits to a wind energy farm and a renewable electricity storage plant, a three-day conference program, and a social evening program, ending with a festive barbecue in Berlin.

19-07-2017: From international climate policy to national ambitions: The rise of renewables

  • EU Climate and Energy Policy: Decarbonisation and Energy Security 
    • Prof. Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas
    • Professor of European and International Economic Law | Queen Mary University of London

Full program available here.

30 Jun

The governance of renewable energy

Event: Bocconi Governance of renewable energy law seminar series
Organised by Bocconi University Law School
Speaker: Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas, Professor of European and International Economic Law at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

Flyer of the event can be found here.

27 Jun

23rd ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference

"Engineering, Technology & Innovation Management Beyond 2020: New Challenges, New Approaches".

The 23rd ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th June 2017, in Madeira Island (Portugal), organized by Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, UNINOVA together with Universidade do Minho

20 Jun

Sustainable Energy Week - EUSEW 2017 - Energy day

Energy Days are activities and events that raise awareness of energy efficiency and renewables. This event is a special session in Powertech2017 conference for NOBEL GRID & WISEGRID projects: Smart energy for European consumers.

18 Jun

12th IEEE PES PowerTech Conference

This conference that takes place between 18th and 22th of June, is a large gathering of international researchers and practitioners working in the general area of electrical power engineering within Europe.

07 Jun

Recruitment workshop Kythnos

The recruitment workshop was held 2017/06/07 in Kythnos island with local citizens, WiseGRID project leaders and local municipality officials.

The meeting included a small introduction to WiseGRID project, previous projects overview in the island, an introduction speech of the Mayor of the Island, a discussion session with local citizens and participants.

The goal for this recruitment workshop was to raise awareness and recruit as much as possible people in order to bring more awareness to local pilot site in Kythnos. The event held initiated important discussions and main questions and emerged local participants to be involved in the project.

26 Apr

III Congreso Ciudades Inteligentes

This congress on Smart Cities on 26-27th of April, enhances the exchange of knowledge and experiences on Smart Cities in Spain, with the use of technology and innovation as the basis for its development tools.

24 Mar

Jornada sobre Ciudades seguras, sostenibles e inteligentes

A conference about safe, sustainable and smart cities. It is a platform to exchange information and experiences within the sector.

10 Mar

The European Energy Union

Event: 5th Annual Energy Transitions conference
Organised by: University of Eastern Finland.

1. Key note session
The key note session on Friday 10 March will focus on different aspects of the Energy Union. This session will be a panel discussion between the following speakers

  • Henrik Björnebye, Professor, University of Oslo
  • Rafael Leal-Arcas, Professor of European and International Economic Law, Queen Mary University of London
  • Kim Talus, Professor of European Economic and Energy Law, UEF Law School

2. Afternoon session
International Energy Law and Energy Disputes

Full program can be found here.

28 Feb

GENERA 2017 Energy and Environment International Trade Fair - Ifema

The GENERA 2017 Innovation Gallery features 14 cutting-edge projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency between 28 February and 3 March 2017 .
WiseGRID created a poster exhibition called "A new energy model based on renewable energy, energy efficiency and intelligent electrical grids aimed at the end consumer.".

15 Dec

IX Jornada Sobre Energías

WiseGRID attended the IX Conference on Renewable Energies, a platform for the exchange of information and experiences with specialists from companies and associations, for professionals in the sector. AMPERE gave a presentation called: "The new energy model: latest trends SXXI".

28 Nov

Conama 2016

This is the 13th edition of an open, plural and participatory forum that has become a benchmark for sustainability in Spain. WiseGRID attended the conference and a presentation about Smart Storage Systems was made by AMPERE.

15 Nov

European Utility Week 2016

WiseGRID has a stand on the European Utility Week between 15th and 17th of November 2016. The European Utility Week gives opportunities to meet with experts from utilities, network operators, vendors, consultants, startups and system integrators covering the entire smart energy value chain.