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  • About WiseGRID

    Smarter systems. Empowered citizens​

    WisGRID integrates, demonstrates and validates advanced ICT services and systems in the energy distribution grid in order to provide secure, sustainable and flexible smart grids and give more power to the European energy consumer.

    Our Main Objective

    WiseGRID's main objective is to provide a set of solutions and technologies to increase the smartness, stability and security of an open, consumer-centric European energy grid. The project will combine an enhanced use of storage technologies, a highly increased share of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the integration of charging infrastructure to favour the large-scale deployment of electric vehicles. It will place citizens at the center of the transformation of the grid.


    The project goes beyond empowering prosumers. On top of having a consumer-centric approach, it will make a difference in the market by delivering tools that facilitate the creation of a healthy, open market where not only ‘traditional’ utilities but also players such as electric cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises can play an active role, contributing therefore effectively to the transition to energy democracy.

    Our Model

    WiseGRID follows European Commission's ambition to put the consumer back at the center of the energy system, to promote and support sustainable energy communities.

    Our Project

    WiseGRID integrated solution will be demonstrated and evaluated under real life conditions in 4 large scale demonstrators - in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Greece - under different technical, climatological, regulatory, legislative and social conditions.


    Demonstration sites will involve more than 1700 users, 60 batteries -totalling more than 300KWh of installed capacity-, 50 heat pumps – totaling more than 160kWh of installed capacity-, 180 EV, 40 charging stations and more than 70MWh of RES –PV, Wind Turbines and Hydro-.

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  • Our mission

    WiseGRID will follow 4 strategic goals

    Put the consumer at the center

    Innovative and advanced demand-response mechanisms

    • Allowing active participation, protection and empowerment of the European consumers and prosumers

    • Sustainable business models and regulatory recommendations, based on different technologies (smart metering, smart home appliances, batteries, electric vehicles, etc.) to create a win-win situation for both grid and consumers

    Protect the Grid

    Smartening the distribution grid

    • Technologies and methods to gain advanced monitoring and awareness of variable generation

    • Integration of Virtual Power Plants and microgrids as active balancing assets

    Strenghten the energy system

    Integration of renewable energy storage systems in the network

    • Help plan the market deployment of renewable storage systems, such as batteries or heat accumulators, manage and balance the network optimally, responding better to changes in demand and reducing at the same time losses in distribution

    • Evaluate the impact the deployment of these storage systems

    Include innovative services

    Deployment of electric mobility services

    • Smart integration of electric mobility services for charging, providing storage capacity or to supply electricity to the grid, including the possible use of their batteries as storage systems or VPPs

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 731205.

  • Key Figures


    EUR million budget






    Pilot Sites in 4 different countries

  • Partners in WiseGRID



    ESP - IT Solution provider


    Dissemination Coordinator

    BEL - Federation of EU REScoops


    Pilot Site Coordinator

    BEL - RES Cooperative


    Technical Coordinator

    GRE - Institut of Communication and Computer Systems


    Coordinator SubProject

    GRE - Smart Grid solution providers


    Coordinator SubProject

    GRE - National DSO

    Queen Mary University

    Legal Council

    UK - Legal Council

    ASM Terni

    Pilot Site ITA

    ITA - RES Coop


    Pilot Site ESP

    ESP - RES Coop


    Coordinator SubProject

    GER - Storage solution provider


    Coordinator SubProject

    ITA - Engineering firm


    General Partner

    GRE - Energy Agency


    Coordinator SubProject

    ESP - Storage services provider


    General Partner

    ITA - Electrical car provider


    Coordinator SubProject

    ESP - Association of technological Instituts


    General Partner

    ROM - Romanian Center for Energy Policies


    General Partner

    BEL - Electric CarSharing Coop


    General Partner

    GRE - Athene's University of Economics and Business


    General Partner

    ESP - Standardization Agency

    Bouygues E&S


    FRA - Energy Service Provider


    GR - Gas Supplier

  • Our pilot sites

    The 4 pilot sites


    Ghent is the second largest city of Flanders in Belgium. The demonstration site is in the Sint-Amandsberg district. The area counts 1 456 households. Ecopower will drive the project, together with EnerGent, the local energy cooperative.


    Crevillent is a city on the mediterranean coast of Spain. The grid is managed by Cooperative Crevillent, a part of Enercoop which manages 14 129 consumers in the LV network and 30 larger consumers at the MV level.


    Terni is a small sized city at the heart of Italy with 105 000 inhabitants. The local multi-utility operator (ASM) is fully owned by the municipality. ASM owns and operates the distribution grid and substations HL-MV and MV-LV.


    Kythnos is an island and a municipality in the Western Cyclades with a population of 1 632 people. Kythnos has a thermal installed capacity of 4 966 MW with a peak power consumption of 2.7 MW. It has 3 MV distribution lines. Kythnos was the site for the first European PV plant installation.

  • WiseGRID solutions

    The project technological solutions will be packaged in the form of 9 different tools

    WG IOP

    A platform that supports the WG tools ​

    for real time monitoring and decentralized control to support effective operation of the energy network. The objective is to manage and process the heterogeneous and massive data stream coming from the distributed energy infrastructure deployed enabling new services and cross-network and cross-entity interoperability.

    WG Cockpit

    A micro control room

    for DSOs or microgrids Operators in order to control, manage and monitor their own grid, improving flexibility, stability and security of their network, considering an increasing share of distributed renewable resources.


    A tool for the cooperatives to become aggregators

    Application for energy retailers, aggregators, local communities and cooperatives of consumers and prosumers (and other intermediaries) to help domestic and small businesses, consumers and prosumers achieve better energy deals while relieving them from administrative procedures and cumbersome research.


    A tool for corporation to become prosumers

    Corporate application for businesses, industries, ESCOs and public facilities consumers and prosumers to become smarter energy players by giving them more power and protection, and reducing their energy bill, supporting self-consumption by means of real time data, demand response and load optimization schemas.


    A tool to manage the prosumers' home

    Application for individual domestic consumers and prosumers to become active energy players. Other functionalities include real time monitoring of consumption and production, demand response programs participation, alerts, tips and price information to reduce billing, remote control of the smart devices…


    A tool to manage a fleet of electrical vehicles

    for vehicle-sharing companies and e-vehicles fleet managers in order to optimize the activities related with smart charging and discharging of the electric vehicles and reduce energy billing.


    A fast charging station for electric vehicles

    Electric vehicles charging station that will make possible to use EV as dynamic distributed storage devices, feeding electricity stored in their batteries back into the system when needed (fast V2G supply).


    A tool to manage the integration of storage in the community

    Service by which consumers/prosumers (be them households or corporate) can easily (through a third party which operates the service) offer to the market their unused storage capacity or aggregate their spare energy generation capacity and offer it in the form of a VPP.


    A tool to manage the community's production of Renewable Energy

    This tool will enable the provision of energy to the consumers from renewable energy sources making possible that the household/businesses serviced do not own (and maintain, etc.) the generation equipment.

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  • Events

    Join us at our next event and take a look at some of the work we presented so far

    Kick Off Meeting

    Time to get started

    All the project partners met in Valencia in a meeting hosted by ETRA ID the coordinator of the WiseGRID project. We launched the project in the presence of our project Officer and got to know each other better. Read more on our blog.

    European Utility Week 2016

    The first blossom

    The WiseGRID team was at the European Utility Week to present the project to the industrial actors of Europe. We made a lot of great contacts, and had a general presentation that you can find on our blog.

    9th Conference on renewable energy

    at the Polytechnic University of Valencia

    Ander Muelas from the team at Ampere participated in a session about new energy model in Valencia. During his presentation he presented the WiseGRID project. The presentation will be available shortly.

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